TEMPTATS Airbrush Tattoos

TEMPTATS “cosmetic body art”

TEMPTATS are, quite simply, the best imitation tattoos available. Their realism is second to none, and they are completely safe and pain free. TEMPTATS provide professional airbrush tattoo services to industries including Film, TV, Fashion, Marketing and Family Attractions.

Whether you want to promote your brand with a custom designed tattoo, or you want spice up a family attraction, TEMPTATS professional services can cater for every requirement.

In addition to a portfolio of thousands of standard designs we also offer an in-house design service specializing in the creation of bespoke and original designs for our clients.

TEMPTATS ’s in-house designers create unique tattoo designs to your brief, incorporating any combination of logos, text and brand imagery. Whatever your objective, TEMPTATS will work with you to ensure that your brand truly stands out from the crowd.


We provide this service currently anywhere on the Garden Route, however it will be available nationwide soon.

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Fashion, Film and TV

Cosmetic artist services by TEMPTATS are available to hire for Film, TV, Theatre and Fashion show productions. Professionally applied airbrush tattoos provide stunningly realistic imitation tattoos – perfect for creating the illusion of genuine tattoos for film, stage and fashion productions.


Our professional airbrush tattoo services are supplied in both studio settings and on location. The tattoos last for several days enabling you to apply tattoos in advance of production time, minimizing on set make-up time and enabling you to proceed without the same degree of re-application or touch-up associated with traditional body paint make-up.

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Promotional Marketing

Promotional Marketing with TEMPTATS will enable you to follow in the footsteps of global brand leaders like Coca Cola, Chanel and Nike. By featuring a professional airbrush tattoo you can achieve the ultimate in brand endorsement for your next marketing campaign or promotional marketing activity. In a highly competitive and visually saturated market, branding people turns heads and gets your customers attention instantly. TEMPTATS promotional marketing services are ideally placed to assist you with this innovative marketing media and the possibilities for airbrush tattoos within the promotional marketing sphere are vast.

We work on-site, to apply everything from single applications under studio conditions for advertising shoots, to mass applications for entire promotion teams, at exhibition and trade events.

Promotional Staff

Give your promotional marketing team the edge over the competition at Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Corporate Events with striking life-like branded tattoos that will have everyone talking. We will help you to create a look that will get customers focused on your brand and your business in an environment in which it is increasingly challenging to make an impact.

Tattoo Your Customers

Give your customers the chance to become part of your brand, with a free branded airbrush tattoo applied at your stand.

The value of branded customers speaks for itself – priceless! Our promotional marketing assistants will be available on-site throughout your event to airbrush tattoo your customers with your bespoke designs.

Advertising Campaigns

For the ultimate in product endorsement consider the possibilities of a bespoke branded tattoo for your advertising campaign.

TEMPTATS ’s in-house design team will work with you at every stage from creating the right design for your campaign through to on-site presence in the studio or on location to apply designs to your models.


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Family based events, corporate fun days

Airbrush tattoos add a new and exciting attraction to any day out and are popular with children and adults alike. If you manage any family based event or attraction, you could benefit from an on-site airbrush tattoo service. Whether you want to set up and manage your own service or let us run things for you, TEMPTATS can cater for your needs.

Face painting has, for many years, been a familiar favourite for kid’s parties, corporate fun days and fundraising events, providing a great source of entertainment for young children. But, times have changed. Today's youth are more sophisticated than any generation before, and they know exactly what they want. Face paint is becoming less and less popular with this new generation, and airbrush tattooing offers a fantastic, safe, innocent and exciting alternative.

And the good news is it's not just for the kids! With designs appropriate for all ages, an airbrush tattoo artist at your function can bring a smile to everyone’s face. What’s more, each design takes just a few minutes to apply, so waiting times are much shorter than for face painting. That means more happy customers can be serviced in the same amount of time.

Private, Corporate & Charity Events

From children’s birthday parties, to corporate fun days, stag and hen do's to charity fundraisers - an airbrush tattoo artist will provide an exciting and original activity that appeal to all ages for any event.

Whatever the function, TEMPTATS can provide on-site airbrush tattoo artists to run all aspects of the airbrush tattoo service, and apply an unlimited number of airbrush tattoos to your guests and/or visitors.


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Day Hire Services

TEMPTATS airbrush tattoo services are available to hire by the day. Our service is always tailored to your needs, so whether you require an artist on set for 1 hour for an advertising shoot featuring a bespoke design, or on site at your next exhibition applying standard designs for the whole day, the service you receive will be designed to meet your exact requirements.

Our day hire services include a trained artist, complete mobile equipment and all consumables required on the day. Our artists travel to your location and are available for any period of time, as required.

The day-hire service is ideal for projects such as: Film, Theatre and TV Productions, Fashion shoots and Catwalk Shows, PR stunts and events, Sponsorship & Advertising events, Private Functions, Parties and Corporate Events.

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Run your own TempTat Studio

If your business could benefit from the added value that an airbrush tattoo service can bring, and you want to recoup 100% of the significant financial rewards on offer, the TEMPTATS ‘run your own’ package could have you up and running within just weeks.

Our ‘run your own’ package includes everything you need to run your own airbrush tattoo service as well as onsite training for your staff. For a one off fee and a monthly management fee you will receive:

Business Consultation

To include advice on location, size, staff requirements, pricing, stall design and set-up etc.

Full Equipment Set-Up

We provide everything you need to run your tattoo service in a complete ready to go package. Airbrushes, compressor, ink, stencils and everything else you need are all included.

Comprehensive Business and Staff Training

With professional training, anyone can learn to operate airbrush tattooing equipment and apply basic airbrush tattoos. We pride ourselves on delivering highly individual and attentive training as part of our ‘run your own’ package.

We will teach your staff everything they need to know including how to apply the tattoos, how to set up and maintain the equipment and effectively and efficiently operate the service in a busy environment. The intensive training course is delivered at your premises. It takes one day and includes plenty of time to practice with one to one assistance.

Course Outline

    1. Introduction to airbrush tattoos
    2. The basics – how to apply a simple design
    3. Advanced – a look at the more complex applications
    4. Equipment – how it works and how to set it up
    5. Equipment – how to maintain your set-up
    6. How to run your tattoo stand

Further training sessions can also be supplied on demand.


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Because each package is designed and tailored to suit the exact requirements of each client, our rates are quoted for on the same individual basis. Please feel free to contact us to talk about your requirements and we will be more than happy to advise you on how our services might best be tailored to your project, and we will then be able to supply a quote for your exact requirements.


Contact TEMPTATS • Cell: 082 568 2131 • Fax: 086 610 0373 • Email: info@temptats.co.zaback to top


Q: Are TempTats safe?
A: All of our tats are safe and painless. The paints are alcohol based and all ingredients are non-allergenic, cosmetic and food grade materials being of a non toxic nature. The paint has been formulated by a qualified cosmetic chemist and is approved by the FDA for safe use on the skin.

Q: How long does it take to airbrush a TempTat onto a person?
A: It takes one to three minutes.

Q: How long do TempTats last?
A: Up to fourteen days depending on how they are applied and cared for, what part of the body they are applied to, and how rapidly the customer sheds skin. Our ink is some of the highest quality, longest lasting ink available in the world.

Q: What steps will cause my TempTats to last longer?
A:  Depending on the individual skin type and how well the skin has been prepared the life of the tattoo is varied and can last anywhere from 3-14 days. It also depends on where the tattoo is placed on the body. If placed on the back it might not last as long because friction caused by clothing, sitting or lying down etc. however a tattoo on the ankle or forearm will last longer because it doesn’t come into contact as much with friction. They last longer on dry skin compared to sweaty or oily skin.

Q: How do I look after my TempTats?
A:  We recommend that you avoid scrubbing the tattoo when washing or showering. After your shower, put more talcum powder on the tattoo. This can help it last longer. Avoid direct contact with oils, lotions and soap.

Q: How do I remove my TempTats?
A:  Use Isopropyl alcohol or Baby oil. Isopropyl is available at chemists. It is rubbing alcohol and is harmless to the skin. Alcohol swabs can also be used and are freely available from your chemist.

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